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Масло от гроздови семки - 1 литърAs the name suggests, Grapeseed Oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the fruit of the common grapevine. Grapes have been harvested and used by humans for food, medicine and various other things for over 10,000 years. Various parts of the plant have been attributed a wide range of medical effects from stopping bleeding to treating smallpox.It is also great on the skin. It is non greasy and leaves the skin feeling soft. The oil is also good for cooking..
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Масло сладък бадем - 1 литърOur Sweet Almond Base oils are ideal for diluting essential oils before using them on skin. All our base oils are 100% natural pure oil.Sweet Almond Oil is very similar to Peach Kernel and Apricot Kernel. It is good for nourishing dry skin andalso for various other skin complaints like eczema anddermatitis. It also has mild anti-inflammatoryproperties and can be useful in fighting sunburn andeven nappy rash...
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